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Posted by MP Pretorius on May 27, 2014
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Selling Your Home

Seller’s Guide

The economic downturn means some homeowners have to reconsider their investment. But selling now doesn’t have to mean selling out. Turn your home into a beautiful property by showing off its good and positive points. It’s all about that first impressions. You need to create an impression of a well-maintained home, and don’t forget about the outside areas. Make your home or flat irresistible with these smart tips.

Preparing your home for a showhouse:

The Exterior:

  • The first impression is the garden and the outside appearance of your home. This is very important – even if you’re living in a flat. Make sure the house number, or the name of the building, is clearly visible from the road.
  • A pretty neat garden makes good impression. Plant flowering plants in window boxes or pots.
  • Exterior walls, woodwork and gutter need to be in good repair.
  • Your front door – make sure it invites the visitors in and have a welcome atmosphere.
  • Place similar pots together or arrange them on outdoor steps.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Fix gutters, windows and paving.

The Interior:

  • Open curtains and blinds to lighten up the home.
  • Keep the house neat and completely free of clutter.
  • Freshen up the carpets, paintwork, floors and replace novilon if necessary.
  • Add eye-catching fresh flowers into your home or flat.
  • Repair any hairline cracks, cracked window panes, broken light fittings and kitchen counter tops.
  • Clean the garage – people always look in there.
  • Cut back trees and creepers from in front of the window.
  • Make the patio, paths and pot plant containers attractive.
  • On a show day make sure the visitors can view all the outbuildings.
  • Make sure the taps don’t leak, that the toilet flushes and that the water pipes run free.
  • If you have a pool – let it sparkle and make your pool and patio areas attractive. Fix that broken pool light.

These are just a few hints. Look at your home as if you are the buyer. It’s important to distance yourself from the property. Don’t think of what you’re leaving behind. Focus on the new phase in your life, and help the buyer to do the same.

Pricing Your Home To Sell:

Your home should never become stale. It is not possible to correctly price a home without first determining its value.

One of the agents at Petro Properties will recommend a marketing price, which is established by doing a Comparative Market Analysis of similar homes sold in your area.

Remember the Purchaser in the market place will determine the value! Only he knows what he is prepared to pay.

Every property has more than one price:

  • What you the Seller think it is worth.
  • What the agent values it as
  • What the buyer is prepared to offer.
  • The final settlement price. ( Largely influenced by the market value)


Please beware of over valuation! It can damage the sale because:

  • It loses prospective buyers
  • It eliminates offers
  • It reduces the agent’s efforts
  • It reduces the agent’s enthusiasm
  • It limits financing
  • It is use as a bouncer

It eventually means a lower price.

Important to think about getting a sole mandate:

  • One agency is responsible, but the agency can involve and manage several agencies on your behalf.
  • A Sole Mandate will often obtain a higher price when they know they have time to negotiate with the buyer, without worrying that another agent might ” get in first”.
  • A Sole Mandate secures you a better marketing plan, a concentrated effort, wider coverage and it prevents any claims for double commission when the same buyer is brought through your home twice, by different agents.


Your security and privacy are protected as only your sole agent will contact you and bring the buyer to your home.


As your Sole Agents at Petro Properties we agree:

  • To qualify buyers before bringing them to your home.
  • Contacting qualified buyers.
  • Photographs for window and advertising displays.
  • Schedule of show days.
  • Viewing, by appointments only
  • Show house compaign
  • Intensive marketing
  • Inclusion of your property on the Internet site
  • Advertising strategy and plan

Selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make.

What do you expect from your agent:

  • To get the best possible price for your home.
  • In the quickest possible time
  • With the least inconvenience to you, the Seller.

What governs the sale of your property?

  • The correct market related price.
  • The ideal location of the property.
  • The way in which you present your home.
  • And the agent you choose.

Do you know that you can control all the above – all you need is

our professional assistance and advice!

The agent, the company and your expectations:

  • Choose a professional agent from a well-known company and get to know each other.
  • Build up a good relationship and remember the agent is not to blame if your house does not sell quickly.
  • The market place may be quiet, the right buyer may not be around, the price may not be quite right, perhaps the house or garden need a quick – going over.
  • Patience is the key word.
  • Remember your Petro Properties agent is well qualified and successful; this company is well-known and generates good business; your agent is happiest when a Petro Properties sold board can be placed on your property.

The agents at Petro Properties want you to relax and let us sell your home.

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